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Welcome to Flights & Dreams!

Flights & Dreams is a registered training facility specialising in flight instruction in the Pitts model S2C. We are based in Cranfield and cater for all levels of skill and experience; from the novice who may like the challenge of learning to fly in such a capable aircraft; to the more experienced pilot who has always wondered if he can feel at home in a Pitts Special and may even have ambitions towards owning one.

This aircraft will appeal particularly to those with previous experience of high performance machinery who may feel that the capabilities of current training aircraft are rather mediocre. When we fly, we have three dimensions to play with. In a Pitts, we can learn the skills needed to enjoy this experience safely to the full. Flights & Dreams has the aircraft and the instructional experience to provide this.

If you want to learn to fly in a special aircraft, we offer the unique opportunity of doing a PPL in our Pitts Special. Interested? Have a look at the PPL page and read Marco's account.