Flight Training

The two place Pitts Special was originally developed and is still sold predominately as a training aircraft for teaching aerobatics. It is less regarded as being an ideal aircraft for teaching many other flying skills, navigation included. Whilst it is more demanding than most aircraft used for training, particularly during the take off and landing, it is also a more rewarding aeroplane in which to learn to fly. At Flights & Dreams we are able to teach for the Private Pilots Licence in the Pitts. Due to the more lively nature of its handling characteristics some natural talent or familiarity with similarly responsive machinery is beneficial. The performance and capability will appeal especially to those with a motor or motor cycle racing background.

Flights & Dreams offers a variety of flight training:

Aerobatics training: Ever wanted to learn aerobatics? Then you are at the right place. We offer aerobatics lesson for beginners to advanced level (More information on aerobatics).
The Flight & Dreams PPL: You want to learn flying to pilot an aerobatics aeroplane? Here, you can learn to fly in one right from the start. We are the only school to offer a PPL in a Pitts Special (More information).
Upset and spin training: Can you control the aircraft you fly in unusual attitudes? With upset and spin training you can improve your flight safety and extend your personal comfort zone (Upset training, Spin training).
Tailwheel and Pitts conversion: If you want to learn to fly an aerobatics airplane like a Pitts, Extra or Edge (More information).
Channel crossings and continental flying: If you have a JAR - PPL then you are legally allowed to fly across the Channel and almost any other country in Europe. If you never did it and don't know how then we can help you (More information).